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SOKEI presents its Health Point:

For the use of health professionals, pharmacists, doctors, medical offices, health centers, infirmaries, clinics, hospitals, but also gyms, fitness etc …

is a true device Autodiagnotic approved which will allow you in about 2 minutes to control alone:

  • your weight , 
  • your size,
  • your blood pressure,
  • your heart rate,
  • your fat index,
  • your body mass index (Weight / height2),
  • your impedance,
  • your body of water,

And to know your ideal data according to your gender and your age


The health point of SOKEI Santé has the most modern electronic technology with SMD components .
The health point is the only self-diagnostic device approved worldwide by the Ministries of Health and Metrology of Weights and Measures. (Algeria, Europe, USA, United Kingdom, Colombia, Brazil, etc …).

European approval

The health point has an approval of the European Ministry of Health “CE0318”, it is manufactured in Europe under the ISO9015 standard.

The SOKEI Health Point has an advertising space with a digital screen or a space to slide posters

When using the smart card, a second ticket reminds the user of all previous actions 


A customizable ticket is delivered to the user with the result of the measurements (with a logo and 5 lines of text)

To prevent is to cure

Training in the use of the health point

From the scale to the baby scale to the loading of the advertising screen, you will be autonomous with the Sokei Health Point thanks to the personalized Training provided by one of our qualified technicians for the management and the maintenance of the health points.

Technical characteristics of the Health Point
  • Power supply: 220-240 V / 50 Hz.
  • Consumption: 0.160 A @ 230 V.
  • Main fuse: 2 A.
  • Width: 50 cm.
  • Depth: 58 cm.
  • Height: 220 cm.
  • Weight of the device: From 40 to 55 kg depending on the version.
Duration of various measures:

Time needed to take measurements with health point K8

  • Weight + Size + Ticket: ~ 20 seconds.
  • Weight + Size + Fat Index + Ticket: ~ 40 seconds.
  • Weight + Size + Pressure + Ticket: ~ 90 seconds.
  • Weight + Height + Pressure + Heart Rate + Fat Index + Ticket: ~ 120 seconds.

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